Julien in High Spirits, Coach says

Tuesday, Aug 22


ulien Alfred’s longtime coach and avid supporter, Cuthbert “Twa-Ti-ne” Modeste, says the entire sporting community in Saint Lucia and the diaspora are proud of the track star.

Modeste, who spoke exclusively with SNO, says Julien is already hitting the track again, in preparation for the 200-metre sprint. In his own words, Julien is a patriot, who has immense love for her country.

 "She ran well in her semi-finals, but the yellow card they gave her affected her. But when you look at her normal stats, you can see how she performs. But she’s not feeling bad about herself,” he told SNO. He adds, however, that the nervousness is all part of the sport. “But that happens, you know. But she has the desire to push. She ran well, she said she’s not giving up; she went to training already this morning. She’s in good spirits.”

 Modeste says Saint Lucians do not fully understand the gravity of Julien’s importance. For the outside world, he observes, Julien is seen as a star. “We don’t know how big she is. But you go out with her, and you see how big she is, and how big she already is in the world - very, very big. She’s as big as tourism.

 He says with time and practice, Julien will bring the gold medal home. “We are supporting her. She’s still young. With the experience, we will get what we want.”

 Julien will be competing in the women’s 200-metre race on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023.