UWP Concerned: Overseas-Born People Could Possibly Not be Prime Minister

Tuesday, Nov 14 549


he two main political parties had conferences on Sunday, November 12, 2023, where conflicting views about nationality and birth were discussed.

At the UWP public meeting in Marc, Bexon, party PRO Lenard Montoute voiced his fears that parliament could alter the constitution to prevent nationals born overseas from vying for the post of Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

So when Richard Frederick comes out and says that they are going to change the constitution to ensure that nobody who is not born in Saint Lucia cannot be Prime Minister, you have to take a stand against that,” Montoute said.

According to him, this move would be an attack against Opposition Leader Allen Chastanet from becoming Prime Minister. Allen Chastanet’s detractors consider him to be an unfit Prime Minister due to his place of birth..

Continuing, Montoute said: “A child does not make the decision as to where he or she is born. But he makes a decision as to which country he or she is going to adopt and become a citizen of.”

However, during the SLP Annual Conference of Delegates, Grenada PM Dickon Mitchell urged Saint Lucians to elect a Prime Minister who “lives in Saint Lucia.” Although not mentioning Chastanet by name, Mitchell says “Saint Lucians” should be the country’s leaders.

Together, you will advance. Together, you will achieve and together you will ensure that is only people who live in Saint Lucia continue to run Saint Lucia,” he said. “So, I want all Saint Lucians to hear me. When the time comes, make sure that is Saint Lucians who you putting into office,” he asserted.

He advised that politicians who appreciate the nation’s culture should be elected to lead it. “Make sure that is people who like the Caribbean, who like Caribbean institutions, who are proud of our culture and our heritage because that is what we have – Saint Lucianess and that is what you need to embrace,” Mitchell cautioned.

The government, however, has not outlined its official position on the matter of politicians’ birthplace. As it stands, any citizen of Saint Lucia can be elected the Prime Minister.

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