Naomi London Says Julien Alfred Influenced Her Decision to Attend the University of Texas

Saturday, Nov 18 697


PORTS: In a significant decision for her growing athletic and academic journey, 16-year-old Saint Lucian sprint sensation Naomi London, has revealed why she decided to attend the University of Texas in Austin next year.

London, who won silver in both the 100m and 200m at the 2023 Carifta Games in the Bahamas, is excited to follow the path of NCAA triple gold medalist Julien Alfred. She draws inspiration from Alfred's success as a Commonwealth Games silver medalist and World Championships finalist.

 “The main reason why I was committed to Texas was because of the environment and Julien. I was inspired to, and I think that I'll be very comfortable and safe up there. The environment was just what I needed,” London shared.

Julien Alfred is also a Saint Lucian with tremendous promise in the track and field arena. In June of this year, she swept the 100m and 200m NCAA national titles in her final season at Texas, and weeks later scored a higher profile win over American champion Sha’Carri Richardson in the 100m. In her final season as a Longhorn, Alfred had one of the best NCAA Division 1 championships ever. She won the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay which prompted her coach Eldrick Floreal to characterize her as the greatest sprinter in NCAA history. Julien has also revealed that she wants to be Saint Lucia’s first track and field medalist in the Olympics. She has her eyes set on Paris 2024.

Growing up, I always said I wanted to be one of St. Lucia's first medallists... first gold medallists. I’m looking forward to going to the Olympic Games and trying to deliver at that level for my country,” Alfred explained.

Alfred's success at Texas has left an indelible mark on young St. Lucian sprinters, including London, and played a significant part in the teen’s decision to become a Longhorn.

I want somebody to push me to my limits, and [she] has influenced us a lot, especially me very much. Julien is a hard-looking individual that I really admire, which makes me want to push,” London said. Following in Alfred’s steps, London says she also wants to be a medalist at the Olympics. “I'm actually looking forward to being an Olympian and a World Champion as well. It's not only about the education. I mean, it is about education, but there's a balance

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