Saint Lucia Auto Sound Club Dominates Vincentian Competitions

Tuesday, Nov 14 3989


PORTS: A few Saint Lucians celebrated Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’ 44th Independence by beating the Vincentians in many auto sound competitions in their own country.

The Saint Lucian team captured an outstanding 6 of the 9 trophies in total, proving the 758team had superior sound quality. Saint Lucia Auto Sound Club PRO Valentine Dantes says the club is extremely proud of its members.

Everybody was excited, it was a good feeling. It was also interesting because we went there with high expectations, but coming home with most of the trophies was amazing. I think everyone was in high spirits,” Dantes told SNO.

The RPO adds that despite the development of the alternative sport in Saint Lucia, the Club has difficulty regulating the conduct of independent actors. “The biggest challenge that we have is trying to get all the people with sound part of the organisation - to regulate the behaviour. We want to make sure that people with loud music are responsible, that they are accountable,” he said.

Residents have long expressed their dissatisfaction with the volume of sound classes. Dantes says it is the hope of the organisation to help members understand the implications of their actions and the discomfort the volume can cause.

They could affect neighbourhoods, they could affect residents, they could affect children and elderly sleeping. We want to make sure that they are part of the organisation for us to regulate their behaviour.”

Dantes says the Club will have a show in February 2024 and has extended invitations to other clubs in the region. “We have a big show coming up in February. We’re inviting all the islands, so that will give the Vincentians, the Barbadians and others the opportunity to come across and participate.”

The Ministry of Sports has begun incorporating alternative sports into its calendar of sporting activities. At present, a few Saint Lucians are gearing up to represent the country in drag racing competitions in Antigua in December 2023.


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