U.W.P blames Gov’t for French travel authorisation

Thursday, Aug 03


he Opposition United Workers Party denies responsibility for a travel advisory issued to French nationals traveling to Saint Lucia. Instead, according to U.W.P Public Relations Officer Lenard “Spider” Montoute, the Government’s management of crime is to blame. 

When I was warning and saying that would be the results, here it is,”, the U.W.P P.R.O said in an address to a town hall meeting. 

The French travel concern was sounded on July 3rd, 2023 when its Foreign Affairs Ministry issued an advisory to French citizens. According to the advisory, the deteriorating security situation in Saint Lucia is the cause of the advisory. The advisory continued by saying a significant increase in the rate of homicides (especially by firearms) and the level of violence throughout the island, including in places usually peaceful and frequented by tourists and expatriatesis of concern to the French Foreign Affairs Ministry. 

Prime Minister and National Security Minister, Honourable Philip J Pierre, expresses his concern about the advisory’s potential negative impact on the island. Pierre scolded the UWP for making what he calls "callous and irresponsible statements" about the island's crime situation.

 According to the Prime Minister, despite the travel advisory, Saint Lucia continues to maintain strong diplomatic relationships with the French.