Ministry of Health Renews Calls for Citizen Vaccination

Thursday, Aug 03


he Ministry of Health reminds citizens of the importance of vaccination against diseases. Assistant Principal Nursing Officer, Bernadette Regis, sounded that call, reminding citizens that vaccines save lives. According to Regis, vaccines are a tried and true way to prevent contracting and spreading diseases.

Vaccines are subject to robust international testing protocols and involve thousands of volunteers to establish safe, quality-assured medicines in our population,” Regis said in an address to the public. She continued, “The administration of vaccines is a critical aspect of Saint Lucia’s primary healthcare programme and constitutes a basic right of all citizens to avail themselves to this life-saving opportunity.” 

Skepticism around becoming vaccinated climaxed in Saint Lucia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, medical practitioners encouraged citizens to avoid taking this particular vaccine shot, some noting the limited time for testing and lack of understanding of the virus. Despite the skepticism, however, the Ministry of Health says it will prioritise the health and safety of all citizens. 

Our population must be protected from any vaccine-preventable diseases out there”, Regis stressed. To achieve this, she says, “[we must maintain] high vaccination rate for all vaccines among all age groups.”

According to the World Health Organisation, immunisation currently prevents approximately 3.5 to 5 million deaths annually from diseases”. According to Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 dashboard, the island has recorded approximately 59, 000 vaccinations from COVID-19.