Allen Chastanet the Destroyer

Friday, Jan 12


ommentary - Many people would have made New Year’s Resolutions to be more health conscious, save more money, and be better citizens and in the case of Allen Chastanet, one would have hoped that he would have resolved to work on his audacious utterings which in local palance would be called “san hot”.

However, less than two weeks into 2024, the United Workers Party, under the leadership of Allen Chastanet issued “commentary” to chastise the Prime Minister on his pronouncements on the lack of suitable accommodations for people apprehended for suspected criminal offenses.

The public has concluded that Chastanet’s penchant for lying precludes him from keeping track of his untruths and even his destructive actions. In 2020, Allen Chastanet destroyed Custody Suites without simultaneously securing alternative accommodations. This ill-informed act was under the direct supervision of his father, who was not a member of Parliament or a Public Servant. To this date, Saint Lucians have not been given the courtesy of an explanation for this violation of public property.

The reckless demolition of Custody Suites, without providing any alternative for the housing of suspected criminals, raised serious concerns about the decision-making process and the lived consequences of such actions by Allen Chastanet. Decision-makers must prioritize the safety and well-being of both the public and the individuals involved in the criminal justice system. Any decision to demolish a detention center should have been accompanied by a comprehensive plan that ensures the smooth transition of suspected criminals to alternative facilities which guarantees the continuation of necessary services.

Hon. Philip J. Pierre has embarked on a number of projects that were neglected by the now Leader of the Opposition, including the rebuilding of Custody Suites whilst grappling with record-breaking debts that were incurred during Chastanet's tenure. Saint Lucia, the sixth worst-performing economy in 2020 in the world has now seen positive growth in excess of 15% under the stewardship of Prime Minister Pierre. It would be wise if Allen Chastanet apologises to Saint Lucians for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force’s inability to adequately house apprehended individuals for suspected wrongdoing. He should apologise to the public for putting their lives at risk when he destroyed Custody Suites without providing a suitable and immediate alternative, in effect allowing would-be perpetrators to avoid detention. Allen Chastanet, do the honourable thing and apologies to Saint Lucians for your reckless behaviour. “San Hot”.            

- The Patriot

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