Decrease in COVID-19 Cases, Citizens Urged to Remain Vigilant

Tuesday, Feb 13


ince recording three COVID-19 deaths in January 2024, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Sharon Belmar-George has announced a decrease in the number of hospitalisations and deaths come February.

Despite this decrease, the CMO reminds citizens that they are not in the clear. Vaccination, quarantine and sanitisation are still needed.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs continues to monitor the cases of respiratory illnesses on island. We continue to manage persons presenting with flu-like symptoms at the Emergency Departments, Wellness Centers and private doctors’ offices due to new COVID-19 variants, Influenza A and B and Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Over the last 14 days, a decrease in hospitalisations and deaths due to the COVID-19 virus was also noted,” CMO Belmar-George said.

She says persons with underlying medical conditions should continue monitoring their health. Wearing facemasks and getting tested are advised.

All persons with chronic health conditions are strongly advised to wear a facemask when in public, in crowded conditions, and avoid contact with others who are sick. Personal responsibility is important at this time. Facemasks are available at all the public health facilities to patients who may need them. COVID-19 PCR and rapid tests are available free of charge to the public at the various Wellness Centers, Community Hospitals and Polyclinic.”

The Ministry of Health reminds the general public that Saint Lucia is presently in the flu season which runs from October to March and as such, would like to encourage the use of the flu vaccine which is available free of charge at the various wellness centers. The COVID-19 Janssen vaccine is also available and can be taken as a booster, especially for persons with risks factors or chronic illness.