St. Jude Hospital Update: 12 Separate Buildings and Healthcare First-Time-Evers

Friday, Feb 02


t. Jude Hospital CEO, Lydia Atkins, and Caribbean Consulting Engineers Project Manager, Barry Jonas, sat to discuss the ongoing reconstruction of the St. Jude Hospital.

The pair say work is progressing at an uninterrupted pace at the Hospital’s original site.

SHJ CEO Lydia Atkins disclosed that the completed Hospital will comprise 12 separate buildings, with 4 to be completed in their entirety by June 2024; the remaining 8 structures received DCA approval in October 2023.

Atkins says the completed hospital will house services never-before-seen on-island. This, she adds, is in an effort to modernise and streamline the operations of SJH, making it a premier healthcare facility.

St. Jude Hospital would then become the first facility and only facility on the island that is able to provide hydrotherapy. Why is that important? We've noted increased numbers of persons with diabetes and hypertension, we have high numbers of stroke and cardiovascular incidents. As a result, these individuals would be able to benefit from that kind of therapy to allow us to be able to support rehabilitation, to support them in getting greater mobility post-stroke,” she explained.

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic approach that utilises water for various health benefits. It involves techniques such as hot and cold baths, steam baths, saunas, and water exercises. Hydrotherapy can promote relaxation, improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, and enhance physical rehabilitation. It is used to treat a range of conditions, including arthritis, muscle strains, stress, and sports injuries.

She also says the new hospital will be able to treat more dialysis patients, almost doubling the current hospital’s present capacity.

Additionally, we have two additional buildings for physiotherapy as well as dialysis, increasing our capacity for dialysis from what is currently eight dialysis chairs to what is anticipated to be 15 dialysis chairs.”

The new hospital will also have two new operating rooms which is promised to improve surgical operations.


We also would have had as part of that new facility two new operating rooms that are significantly larger than what it is we have at the George Odlum Stadium, as well as a designated space for endoscopic procedures…We also would have improved laundry services that is able to support effective infection prevention and control measures.”


On the structural end of things, CCE Project Manager Barry Jonas says the 4 buildings earmarked for a June 2024 completion are progressing smoothly.