Allen Chastanet The Absent Leader: A Failure to Represent the Constituents

Tuesday, Aug 08


n a democratic society, one of the fundamental expectations from elected officials is their active representation of the people who put their trust in them.

For a third consecutive Sitting of Parliament, the Leader of the Opposition was once again, absent from the Chamber – once again failing to provide not only representation to the people of Micoud South who elected him but also leadership to the abandoned ship of the United Workers Party.

What can only be described as a party on auto-pilot, in his stead, Chastanet has left Saint Lucians with an opposition manned by Peter Josie and other has-beens and wannabes as His Majesty’s Opposition. Before his departure, however, Chastanet was sure to set the tone for what can only be described as violent, fear-mongering, and acidic rhetoric.

At every juncture, the surrogates and radio politicians can be heard spewing anti-government sentiments, not even finding joy in a fully-funded St. Jude Hospital. When that did not stick, they hitched their wagon on a deal that Allen Chastanet signed in 2018 with Global Ports Holding but newly minted by Philip J Pierre to expand Port Castries, Soufriere Waterfront a host of amenities that surround the two sites earmarked for expansion.

If this is the representation that the country must endure from a much-needed opposition to surveil Pierre’s 15-2 majority, then we must whisper a prayer for the people of Micoud South.

An absent leader who fails to effectively represent their constituents can have dire consequences for a community. The lack of engagement, ignorance of constituent issues, ineffective representation, and missed opportunities for growth further hinder an already underserved constituency. Allen Chastanet – you cannot govern from afar. You are paid by the taxpayers of Saint Lucia and you are therefore expected to serve them dutifully.