Naomi London Honoured With Billboard in Belle View, Vieux Fort

Tuesday, Mar 26


y advice for the young people out there who do sporting events is that y'all can do it,” said Naomi London, commenting on the issuance of a billboard in her honour.

London, who won Saint Lucia’s first medal at the 2023 CARIFTA Games in the Bahamas, has a promising future ahead of her. Naomi also plans to attend Texas University, the same college which another local sprinter Julien Alfred.

Kendal Elva, Deputy Director of Social Transformation, says this community initiative will help increase Naomi’s morale and boost her confidence.

Naomi is 17-years-old and the journey is just commencing, even though she has done so well. We want to say to her that she should not give up - she should persist,” Elva encouraged.

The Deputy Social Transformation Director says the billboard will be erected in a strategic location at the Belle View Gap.

We will be unveiling a billboard with Naomi's face on it and some of her most significant achievements. That billboard is located strategically in the gap so if you're approaching from, once you reach the central point of Belle View, you will be greeted with a welcoming sign which says “This the home of Naomi, London”,” he said.

Naomi currently attends the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School.