Avatar Micoud Eagles Capture SPL 2023 Title

Tuesday, Nov 14 686


RICKET: The finals of the Saint Lucia Premier League finally took place on Saturday, November 11, 2023, after weeks of disappointing postponements.

 The Avatar Micoud Eagles secured this year’s trophy, much to the elation of the team, community, and sponsors. Avatar Micoud Eagles CEO Sibi Gopalakrishnan told SNO that he observes budding international potential in his crop of 15 players. With continued training and dedication, the CEO says the cricketers can go on to make their marks on the global stage.

We have some players showing some extremely good talent. I appreciate Noelle Leo, who showed some amazing talent and I’m really impressed with that,” Gopalakrishnan observed. The CEO says he is pleased with the performance of his team during this season, noting that they did not lose one match.

In this particular year, we never lost any game. We played four games before we came to the finals, and we won all four games. When we’re batting, we never bat for 20 overs. We always win at the 19th over - we leave a few bats behind. [The other teams] played well, but we played better. We do have quality players,” he told SNO.

Moving forward, the CEO says the team will continue with the same players in the coming year, except one. This, he says, is the team’s only real challenge. “My plan is to continue with the same team so far. As long as a player wants to continue, my plan is to continue along with them. But I don’t think any player wants to go to another team. Daren Sammy said this is his last game and he will not be playing next year. So that’s the only challenge that I’m facing right now,” he explained. Veteran cricketer, Daren Sammy, captained the Avatar Micoud Eagles this year. In the 15 matches played for SPL, Sammy bowled 263 and captured 8 wickets. The CEO, however, clarified that he appreciates all the players on his team.

I am extremely happy. Of course, all the credit goes to the players and I’m happy the players are taking it very seriously with a very professional approach,” he said.

Of the 4 SPL series held, the Avatar Micoud Eagles have won 2 competitions.


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