Pierre urges PWA to follow police procedures in sexual assault cases

Friday, Jul 28


RIME MINISTER’S OFFICE - Prime Minister Honourable Philip J Pierre adds his voice to the sexual assault allegations made by the Police Welfare Association against a senior officer of the Force. Pierre says police officers have the power to arrest anyone in Saint Lucia, once there is sufficient evidence. The Prime Minister reminds the P.W.A that police have arrested influential public figures in the past once they had the evidence of crimes.

The police can arrest anybody, once there is evidence”, the Prime Minister told reporters. “The Police can make a case. It does not matter who the person is. High officials have been arrested for rape in the past.”

I will not condone anyone involved in sexual harassment.”, the Prime Minister stressed. Pierre says while the Government has a tough stance on rape and other sexual offences, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force needs to create a sexual harassment policy to govern its officers. The Prime Minister says the policy needs to come from within the Police Force. 

I am all for a sexual harassment policy, but it needs to come from the police.”, he asserted. According to the Prime Minister, every institution has protocols that need to be followed. This case, he says, is no different. “There’s a protocol. You go to the police and make a report, and they take it from there.” 

The Prime Minister’s advice to the Welfare Association is to arrest the individual accused of sexual harassment if they have the evidence. “If you have that evidence, arrest him. Any policeman can arrest anybody.” 

On June 22nd, 2023, P.W.A President Carmron Laure held a press conference in which he urged the Government to probe sexual assault allegations made by at least three officers within the RSLPF against a named senior officer.